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Vinyasa Flow yoga style, with an emphasis on form for benefit, maximizes effects of the disciplines including strength, flexibility, and posture. The goal in each class is to create an environment in which everyone can find something new about themselves through physical movement and clarity of mind.

Personal Training

Led by ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainers, training session do NOT involve machines and treadmills but instead focusing on teaching clients how to train with their own body weight using minimal equipment (TRX straps, bands, dumbbells, ropes, etc.) Group or private sessions are tailored to individuals’ needs and goals. Or bring your own trainer and use our facility!


Pilate Mat is designed for all ages and provides a challenging workout focused on core musculature and increased flexibility in a fun group setting. Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles and promotes longer, leaner muscles, flexibility, endurance, improved balance, coordination, awareness of alignment and a heightened mind-body connection. Classes are progressive, use your body weight for resistance and geared toward a great workout.